Singing about revolution for abna el-felool

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Last night I went with two friends to see a not very good hip-hop show by Ali Talibab and El Deeb, “one of the voices of the revolution.”  The good thing is, it was at Al-Azhar Park, which (because of political uncertainty and people avoiding downtown) was a LOT less crowded than on a usual Thursday night.  Isn’t the park gorgeous?  We had much of it to ourselves except for the Genaina outdoor theatre, which started out almost full.

The bad thing is, the group’s lyrics were uninspired and, despite the enthusiasm of many young fans, its anti-SCAF and plight-of-the-poor posturing rang hollow.  (Video to come.)  This stuff has become, as Brecht would put it, “culinary.”  My friend Maha was not impressed. I caught her tweeting something like: “Revolution is everyone’s bread and butter. Singing about social justice for the children of the felool, whose daddies have sucked this country dry.”


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