Links from my n+1 piece

I wrote the Cairo dispatch as a blog post, not realizing they don’t post links. So here they are – go learn about the situation from people far better informed than me.

generals’ efforts

Tocqueville put it


mea culpas

Mahmoud Salem’s perverse optimism

members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces

posponed until Sunday

Sonallah Ibrahim’s conspiracy theory expressed elsewhere

Brotherhood’s solidly capitalist views (Shater)

“I’m not Brotherhood and I voted Morsi for the revolution

Omar Suleiman t-shirts confiscated at the airport

full text of the middle-of-the-night constitutional addendum

cartoon: Morsi needs SCAF’s permission to go to the toilet:

WSJ column: opposition’s trying to re-unify

Nathan Brown analyzes the new (non-)institutional situation

Theatre critic Nehad Selaiha


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