July 23 is coming up. Who will celebrate – the fewish remaining Nasserists, or those benefiting from the military’s continued rule? Will there be a rhetoric of comparing the “two” revolutions, or does everyone now realize that it’s one big power grab, continued ad nauseum

“Perhaps SCAF’s biggest achievement to date has been to lower the popular standards of an acceptable transition through a relentless combination of legal manipulation, ad hoc decision-making and sporadic violence that has left opponents confused and exhausted, and the public yearning for a return to normality,” Sherif Abdel Kouddous writes in “On the 60th anniversary of the coup” in the Egypt IndependentHe finds a silver lining in the military council’s nervousness, even desperation. But surely the spectacle of nearby Syria in flames will make most Egyptians less eager to reclaim their revolution than ever?


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