“Global Day to Support the Egyptian Revolution”

Everyone is gearing up for the Jan 25 anniversary. To be followed by a series of loaded dates that SCAF must be busy strategizing how to handle: Jan 29, Feb 2-3, Feb 11. In Cairo, plans for official celebrations and rival protest-celebrations, and Baradei’s withdrawal from the presidential race (in recognition of the fact that the deck is stacked and his presence was giving legitimacy to the process – will be interesting to see what other reasonably decent prez candidates do). Activists entered the new year envying Tunisia and, despite a well-attended and joyful New Year’s Eve concert in Tahrir, feeling generally sad.

In Boston, plans for a small rally Jan 21 in Copley Square, with the well-meant if unpersuasive slogan “We are All One Hand” under the umbrella of the “Global Day to Support the Egyptian Revolution.”


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