Putting it gently

Remember the United States of Canada and Jesusland?  One friend of mine who lives in Heliopolis (where polisci professor and liberal hottie Amr Hamzawy has beaten out the FJP candidate for the individual seat) just jokingly offered political asylum to her friends from other districts.

Oh, and Al-Masry al-Youm, in its front-page editorial today, reminds its (predominantly liberalish) readers that the Islamist candidates who seem to have won a majority in the first round yesterday are indeed Egyptians. “Their ideological allegiance should not make us deny their Egyptianness, their citizenship, or their ambition to participate in politics.”  And it adds, a bit alarmingly:

Before the Islamic current are numerous examples of successful experiments of majority-Islamist parliaments. The [Egyptian] people wants [الشعب يريد] it to be closer to the Turkish experiment than to the Afghan one.

Umm, by “the Afghan experiment” do you mean the lloya jirga, or the Taliban?


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